Released earlier this year, Roterra Flip the Fairytale quickly went on to become a pretty popular name amongst the puzzle-loving community, so it comes as no surprise that it is getting a sequel. Titled ‘Roterra Extreme Great Escape’, this upcoming release is set to hit the App Store this November.

Roterra Extreme Great Escape Preview Trailer

The developer actually described this as a “mini-sequel”, which can possibly mean that it will not be as long as the first game.  Indeed, Extreme Great Escape only contains 30 puzzles compared to the 80 of Flip the Fairytale. The game only takes around 3 hours to finish, so it's the kind that you can sit down and relax with for an afternoon or two. And that’s definitely not a bad thing either. I’d take quality over quantity any day of the week, especially considering that you’ll be able to get it for less than a dollar.

Roterra Great Escape
The game will reportedly be shorter compared to the original

If you have not heard of the original Roterra, it’s basically a perspective-based puzzle game in which you’re required to flip things over – sometimes even the entire world – to create a path that leads you to the end of the stage. We actually reported on the game when it first came out and had a lot of fun with it. You can check out our previous coverage for more information.

Anyway, this sequel looks to expand on that formula, and you’ll probably still find yourself wondering which way is 'up”, or if there is even an ‘up’ at all. I mean, if you flip the world around, the ceiling becomes the ground, so ‘up’ really is a relative concept in this universe after all.

Roterra Great Escape 2
This 'mini-sequel' looks to expand upon the formula set by the original

You will be introduced to a new protagonist this time around, though: You’ll see things from the perspective of Orlando instead of Angelica like in the original. While Angelica's story revolves around personal triumphs, Orlando's will focus on his desire to get free.

Roterra Extreme Great Escape is set to come to the App Store in November, either on the 14th or a bit before that. Until then, you can take the original out for a spin if you haven’t already. You can find it on both Google Play and the App Store right now.