Battle Royale has become one of the most prominent genres in the gaming industry of late. Now, NetEase, a Chinese game developer, is jumping into the fray with Cyber Hunter. This brand new battle royale game employs a different theme compared to its competitors: Sci-fi.

cyber hunter

Cyber Hunter follows the standard battle royale formula where players are thrown into a big map with nothing but their clothes on them (sometimes not even that) and have to scour around for weapons, armor and other resources then battle with others with the goal of becoming the last one standing. The thing about Cyber Hunter is, it has a massive map of 6x6 kilometer. This is one of the largest maps, if not the largest, out of any battle royale games we have seen.

Furthermore, NetEase has added a few tweaks to the gameplay to make Cyber Hunter stand out from other battle royale games, particularly Fortnite. In this game, players can climb over basically anything, including buildings erected by other players.  They can also glide through the air using certain equipment. Not only that, the game also lets players swim or dive underwater. All this opens a lot of room for creativity. A player can now attack enemies from any angle that they can think of: From the sky, from underwater, or on even ground level. However, this also means they will have to be extra careful, or they will end up on the receiving end of an unseen attack.

Cyber Hunter Gameplay Trailer

Cyber Hunter even draws ideas from the Transformer franchise. Some vehicles are capable of taking a different form, such as a plane or even a battle robot.

The weapon collection consists of the regular types, like shotguns, sniper rifles, SMGs, etc. However, Cyber Hunter allows players to customize their weapons. With this system, a player can even have a weapon do something completely opposite of what it was supposed to do. For example, you can modify your shotgun so that it heals the person you shoot at instead of damaging them.

Cyber Hunter has many interesting vehicles

With all these features, Cyber Hunter has the potential of becoming popular for gamers who love the battle royale genre. It is on open beta on Android from October 19 to October 26. Those who own an Android device can head to the Play Store to download and experience the game.