Fans of the popular Call of Duty: Mobile can now log in and start grinding towards the Sickle. It's a new melee weapon available as a reward in the Razor Sharp Seasonal Challenge. Claim it now before Season 4 of COD Mobile concludes! Here's what you need to know about the new sickle melee weapon.

The New Sickle Melee Weapon in Call Of Duty: Mobile

In order to claim the new sickle melee weapon in COD Mobile, players have to complete at least 6 levels of the Razor Sharp Challenge. This seasonal challenge has 7 levels, equivalent to 7 tasks. The sickle will be unlocked at the sixth task. But before we get into details about the challenge, let's check out the sickle's stats!

Codm Sickle Stats
The sickle's in-game stats

Sickle's in-game stats:

  • Damage: 70
  • Accuracy: 70
  • Range: 10
  • Fire Rate: 8
  • Mobility: 90
  • Control: 70

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Razor Sharp Challenge in COD Mobile

Like the Heartbeat Sensor, players have to complete the Seasonal Challenge in order to get the new melee weapon. The Razor Sharp challenge deals almost exclusively with secondary weapons or perks. Take a look at the tasks below to have an idea of what you have to accomplish!

Razor Sharp Challenge Tasks:

  • #1 Play three Multiplayer matches.
  • #2 Kill 15 enemies in MP matches with the Dead Silence perk equipped.
  • #3 Kill 20 enemies in MP matches with the Quick Fix Perk equipped.
  • #4 Kill 5 enemies with Melee weapons.
  • #5 Earn the Melee Master Medal once in BR matches (excluding Warfare).
  • #6 Kill the same player three times in MP matches twice.
  • #7 Earn Relentless Medal once in MP Matches
Codm Sickle
Unlock the new melee weapon in the Razor Sharp Challenge.

After completing a task in the challenge, players will receive a corresponding reward. Here's what available for you to claim:

  • #1 200 credits
  • #2 10 Weapon XP cards
  • #3 FHJ-18 - Carrion
  • #4 S36 - Carrion
  • #5 Punk Skull Spray
  • #6 Sickle
  • #7 Moon Mesas - Rare Calling card
Razor Sharp Challenge
Complete at least 6 levels to get the Sickle.

Players will also earn a total of 21,000  Battle XP for completing all seven tasks.

Tips: The Melee Master Medal can be earned in the BR mode when players kill at least 4 enemies with a melee weapon. Bot kills also count! 

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