Activision Studios, Call of Duty: Mobile’s publisher, has added a brand-new Gold or Nothing seasonal challenge. Meanwhile, if you have played any games in the COD franchise, you have probably known about Medals. Attained after players have completed a specific task, medals can be shown on their profile to show off their skills. Or to make it classy, either way will do.

In the two latest seasonal challenges, players are required to unlock a number of medals in COD Mobile, one of which is the Bullseye Medal. You will need it to complete diverse missions, hence win the corresponding rewards.

Our article will enlighten players on how to get Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile.

How to get Bullseye Medal in Call of Duty Mobile

About Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile

COD Mobile has a total of 85 scorestreaks medals: 16 in the zombie mode, 27 in the Battle Royale mode, and 43 medals in the multiplayer mode.

One of these is the currently sought-after Bullseye Medal. It is rewarded to a user who makes a kill with the Hunter Killer Drone during in a multiplayer fight. What we should take notice is that players can only get the Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile in multiplayer mode. And you can execute it several times.

Bullseye Medal Cod
Bull's Eye Medal

How to get Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile

In short, to get Bullseye medal in COD Mobile, players have to complete seven separate Multiplayer Mode missions to gain the rewards consisting of backpack skins, guns, and more. Before moing to the last task of the Gold or Nothing challenge, players must have all pre-tasks done.

Here’s how to earn Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile in detail.

Step-to-step guide

COD players can see the Bullseye Medal in the game’s Medals section. To be able to earn one, they have to defeat a foe with Hunter Killer Drone in the Multiplayer Mode.

For the unknown, a Hunter Killer Drone is the scorestreak equipped by gaining 500 points.

Hunter Killer Drone
Hunter Killer Drone

Moreover, players also need to earn the medal eight times by repeatedly finishing the same mission to unleash its rewards: 3000 Battle Pass XP and 15 Weapon XP Cards.

It is also among the five easiest Medals in COD Mobile to get, so there's no reason why you don't get to claim this one.

Regarding how to get Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile, also check out this pre-task list you need to complete prior to getting the Bull’s Eye Medal mission done:

  • Play 3 matches in any mode
  • Use Operator Skills in MP matches four times
  • Attain the Avenger Medal in MP combats for ten times
Call Of Duty Mobile Earn The Bulls Eye Medal In Mp
How to get Bullseye Medal in COD Mobile: You need to earn the medal 8 times.

Once you have completed the mission, the Gold and Nothing seasonal challenge will give you a handful of rewards:

  • Kilo Bolt-Action - Constable
  • SKS - Iron Hunter
  • 22,000 Battle Pass XP
  • Trip Mine - Carrion
  • Knife - Carrion
  • Backpack 1 - Carrion
  • 15 Weapon XP Cards
  • 200 Credits

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Reminders about Bullseye Medal task

  1. It is worth remembering that Bull’s Eye Medal is an exclusive medal for multiplayer mode. Hence, you only have to do the objective in MP mode.
  2. Apart from this, you can earn it more than once. Check how many medals you have been able to earn by going to your profile section.
  3. Some users may have difficulties completing the objective as they need to earn the Medal eight times. So don’t be astonished if it takes you multiple attempts to accomplish the mission.

How to earn other medals in COD Mobile

COD Mobile SS4 update has brought about new challenges for players. The latest Gold or Nothing challenge is the new bonus and will be available until the end of Season 4.

Besides the Bull’s Eye Medal, there are more Medals for you to gain: Floater, Worm, and Avenger Medals. So while we have learned about how to get Bullseye Medal in Call of Duty Mobile, let’s not skip the remaining Medals. Here’s how you can get them.

Floater Medal

For the people searching for the way to complete “Earn the Floater Medal once in BR Matches”, they must collect the Floater Medal via a game of COD Battle Royale mode.

Floater Medal
How to earn Bullseye medal in COD Mobile: Floater Medal.

To earn the Floater Medal, swim for over 500m in the Battle Royale,  excluding Warfare Mode. After this, the medal will be added to your profile in the Medals section automatically.

Worm Medal

To get Worm Medal, players need to engage in the Battle Royale and remain prone for over 180 seconds. However, take note that this medal will not be yours if you perform the mission in Warfare Mode.

Worm Medal
Worm Medal

Avenger Medal

The new seasonal COD Mobile challenge also includes “Earn the Avenger Medal in MP Matches 10 times”. To get the Avenger Medal, you need to kill an opponent who recently outlast a teammate. And you have to do this task 10 times in order to be successful.

Avenger Medal
Avenger Medal

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