Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam

Last month on Instagram, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk posted that he had a mobile game under development, and it would be coming soon to the market. So, we know now that the game he was talking about is a new mobile skateboarding game titled Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam. The game has been put on App Store for pre-order for now and will be fully released on the 13th of December.

New Tony Hawk Mobile Game Is Coming To The App Sto
Screenshot from the game

So what is this new game? For the moment we only have the App Store page's description and some screenshots to learn about the game. With these pieces of information, we could tell that there would be a “Classic Career Mode" and the tournaments for “Global Skate Jam ". According to the description, the game will set a new record for its authenticity with the controls, music, and tricks. All that looks promising, let's wait for the game to see if they are actually true.

Interesting history of Tony Hawk mobile

On the App Store, Tony Hawk franchise has a very interesting history. Back in the first days of the franchise on mobile, some random developers ported the game "Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2" to iPhone just to show that it was possible, but then Tony Hawk knew about it. Then, he partnered with  Activision to make an official release to the first Tony Hawk Mobile. However, this game still couldn't run very smoothly with the touch control scheme. Still, considering that it was years ago, that was a pretty decent effort.

New Tony Hawk Mobile Game Is Coming To The App Sto
Different techniques in the game

Not long ago, Tony intended to create a true native mobile Tony Hawk game with the name Shred Session. The game was a combination of the back runner genre and  Pro Skater games. But unfortunately, it was canceled after a very lengthy soft launch.

Based on the App Store's info description that the upcoming game will be more authentic with really smart controls scheme, One can hope that it will be like the open-world Skate games on consoles. The game will arrive next week, so get ready!