Beamdog is being generous with us gamers lately. Just last week they have offered us a significant price drop on Neverwinter Nights, which was initially cost 9.99 dollars (Rs 700). This week we see another discount for the classic RPG Planescape: Torment.

The game is on sale

If you want to try out the game with its over 50 hours of gameplay, then heading to its Google Play or Steam to grab a copy at a discounted price right now.

Now There Is A Discount On Planescape Torment Enha
All thanks to its unconventional story, unique characters.

The original game launched in 1999. Back then it won the title of RPG game of the year, all thanks to its unconventional story, unique characters, and a brilliant soundtrack. Now, the developer is offering the enhanced edition of this fantastic game with a more reasonable price tag.

Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition

This title lets you experience an incredibly thrilling story and a  unique setting.

"What can change the nature of a human being?" is the biggest question of the game that you have to answer by yourself and to understand your true nature. The storyline is full of mystery and attraction. Those are what makes Planescape Torment really worth a try.

Now There Is A Discount On Planescape Torment Enha
The storyline is full of mystery and attraction.

In the game, you will play as Nameless One, a toned figure with countless scars and tattoos that symbolize the events of the life you have experienced. However, an accident in the past has made you lose those memories.

Then you are awakened by Morte, a mysterious talking skull. He is your companion on the journey to find your lost memory from the dirty streets, dark dungeons, and even hell.

Now There Is A Discount On Planescape Torment Enha
It features old-style graphics, which is not very eye-catching.

The game features old graphics which is not very eye-catching (which kind of goes without saying for a game from the 90s). However, that is not a big problem as it is all about the story and experience. If anything, the low graphics mean you can run this game on pretty much any device these days without having to worry about the hardware requirements.