OH~! My Office is an exciting game from an indie studio from Hong Kong. In a market full of mobile RPGs, this one comes out as a fresh breath to all gamers.

OH~! My Office
OH~! My Office, by Twitchy Finger Ltd.


In OH~! My Office, you inherit a bankrupt firm from your father, and now you are saying goodbyes to the staff before they part ways.  However, you then stumble upon a chance to travel through time, getting special futuristic tools and change the fate of your company! Can you manage it all and save your company? As an office simulation game, you’ll need to deal with lots of office stuff with the work and the employees. Everything is on the line for you and therefore, get ready for the management work ahead!

Here’s the game teaser trailer, let’s take a quick look at it, shall we?

Manage your staff!

Obviously, your staff should always be the best resource of your company. Because of that, OH~! My Office features a wide range of character as employees with unique characteristics. Each of them is extremely colorful and different with their personal talents and abilities. Feel free to equip your staff with the necessary tools, pets or even a whole makeover. Yes, do whatever it takes to boost that precious morale!

Here's a quick summary of the game:

OH~! My Office
It’s time you build a dream working team and makes billions of dollars for your company.

Important game features

Here are some of the key features in OH~! My Office:

  • 11 Distinct Chapters to guide your company through
  • Huge Cast of Wonderful Characters to explore: more than 50 unique employees in 10 different types and 6 special abilities each
  • Customizable Office Layout. You can freely modify and rearrange your office items with no difficulties
  • Nice Avatar System, letting you become a real boss!
  • 100% Animal-Friendly Office