Google Play Store deploys discount programmes daily, and if you know just how to look, you can get great games for a fraction of their original pricing - or for free. If that’s what you’re looking for, here is a list of great games that are free that you should not miss.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight – Stickman Fighting

If you’re into RPG, Shadow of Death: Dark Knight is probably one of the best gaming titles to ever grace your phone. Completely customisable characters with various sets of armour and weapon types, you can set your character up for whatever style of gaming that you like. With that in mind, the game is also pretty flexible in term of gameplay: You can engage in many different gameplay styles, just choose the one you’re best with!

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Better yet, being an offline title, it doesn’t require you to be constantly connected - making it a lovely game to play on the go.

Sea Devils PRO – The Pirate Adventure Game

A fine mixture of action and economic strategy creates this brilliant RPG. Sea Devils PRO takes you back to the olden Age of Sails, where pirates and privateers rule the Caribbean. As the Captain of a band of pirate and their ship, the goal is obvious: To become the greatest pirate and the legend that sailors would tell for years to come!

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Rolling By

The gameplay is rather simple: You are a nondescript ball whose sole job is to dodge the random objects that are falling out of the sky. Once you make a mistake and got hit by one of them, you are booted to the menu and the level restarts.

Simple, however, it can be quite addicting trying to beat your personal high score and compete with your friends.


In this non-linear puzzle game, you take up the role of a Ghost Police (or Detective) who can hear the thoughts within people’s minds. Once a living officer with a loving family, you were murdered by a mysterious crime syndicate. Using your special ability to collect evidences and clues, you will help with bettering the lives of citizens and uncover the dark truth behind the same organisation that had taken your life.

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Call of Commander: Zombie Island

A great strategy game with a funky pixellated art style. Your sole job is to command and coordinate your soldiers so that they could survive the hordes of zombies coming at them and not letting them be turned into zombies themselves. For such a simple game - and on mobile at that - it is quite detailed. Your soldiers require supplies and replenishments to survive and fight, there is a weather system in place that can affect the surrounding and combat greatly, e.t.c.

Call Of Commander Zombie Island

You can expand the size of your squad and upgrade them to give them a better edge against the undead.

Of course, the game also supports multiplayer for you to take on the zombies with your friends and compete with one another to get the numerous achievements within the game.

Unlikely Life

This game is quite intriguing, and can even be confusing. A puzzle game with confusing messages and mechanics, your task is to pass all of the levels using the information given by the game. From quotes to outright instructions, you can wield everything given to you to pass. But the ultimate goal is not to pass levels, but rather to understand what the game is trying to tell you. What it is saying is for you to discover, however.

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A unique design of the game is that the moment you turn off the game, you will lose all of your progress. So if you’re determined to ‘complete’ the game, be sure that you have a lot of free time.

Slenderman 2019 Apocalypse

We don’t have to say much about this title, Slenderman has become so popular that everyone must have at least heard about this creature by now. The basic premise of Slenderman 2019 Apocalypse is that the main character suddenly found himself in an unknown dimension: Inhabited by no-one else but himself, and the Thin Man. The objective is to collect all of the clues (Notes) about as to why the Man had transported him to this strange dimension.

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