For all the enthusiastic gamers out there, game developer CipSoft has announced that Panzer League, the first MOBA that features tanks, is getting a worldwide release. This game is an alternative for other popular MOBAs like Arena of Valor.

Panzer League Launch Trailer

The gameplay involves interactive real-time battles between 6 players, which are divided into 2 teams of 3. At the beginning of a match, each player will choose a tank to play throughout the entirety of the match. Panzer League brings players a collection of 18 tanks to pick from. Each tank has a different set of abilities and stats. This makes each one unique with its own strengths and weaknesses.

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The goal of Panzer League, like any other MOBA game, is to fight your way into the enemy base and destroy a specific structure, which is a reactor in this case. In order to do so, you will have to create a perfectly balanced team composition. Generally, it is best to have a Tank (yes, a Tanky Tank!), a Support, and a Damage Dealer. The Tank attracts the attention of the enemies, the Support provides protective stats, as well as shields and heals, while the Damage Dealer, of course, deals damage.

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After each match, you will get to level up your tanks to prepare them for upcoming battles. There are different combinations of items that you can equip to your tanks to enhance their strengths and customize them to your playstyle. Furthermore, the tanks’ appearances can also be changed as well.

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Additionally, for those who are competitive, Panzer League has a rank system. Like many other MOBAs, the year is divided into multiple seasons. At the end of each season, the players who achieved the highest ranking will get some nice rewards. If you are not interested in PvP, you can choose to play solo against AI bots, but of course that will not be as fun as competing against actual players.

Panzer League is available worldwide on both Android and iOS. Check it out on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.