Rejoice Android users, because your favorite award-winning PES 2019 has finally made its way to the Google Play right now! So, without further ado, let’s get ourselves right in to explore the game while it’s still hot. First of all, take an initial look to see what's coming in this mobile version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Miss nothing from your console gameplay

PES 2019's match engine is now available on Android devices, meaning that you can finally play your favorite game while holding it in your palm. The great thing is that you won’t miss a thing you experienced from console. Thousands of player animations, countless playstyles are there waiting for you! Personalities from players are also more distinct along with new skills and goal celebrations.

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Experience console-quality gameplay on mobile!

Gather your friends for even an even better gaming experience

Gaming is even more fun when playing with your friends right? Well then gather the squad, get ready to compete against each other, or challenge the world! PES 2019 Mobile features a Local Match mode, which enables you to 1v1 an opponent, while the Local League lets you play with a group of friends. Not stopping there, Friend Match mode lets you play with anyone from your friend list. At the same time, if you’re ready to challenge the world, Online Match mode is there for you.

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Pick your favorite team and start challenging your friends right now!

New leagues to join the world of PES

What is another cool feature you ask? Well, 12 new leagues across the globe are now here in the game. Examples are leagues from Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, South American as well as Argentinian, Chilean. Japan, Thai, and Chinese leagues are also available now for Asia. There’s no reason not to hop right in, select your favorite players and start building your dream squad.

Unnamed 7
12 new league licenses!

See your favorite legends on the field, again!

More exclusive leagues mean more exclusive Legend players. You guessed it right, legends like Beckham, Nedved, Romario, Gullit, Kahn, and Maldini will make their appearance in PES 2019. Additionally, limited-edition 'Featured Players' will come to PES 2019. 'Featured Players' are those who performed well in their previous matches. They will have superior stats, some even getting new skills.

Unnamed 9
Limited-edition "Featured Players" with improved stats!

PES 2019 never stops updating

Alongside with already available content, PES 2019 will continue to update with the real world using a new feature: Live Update. You will receive authentic transfer info as well as player performance in reality.

Unnamed 10
New Live Update feature adds real-world transfers and player performance!

One last thing to keep in mind: as an online game, make sure you have a decent internet connection for the best gaming experience. PES 2019 is available right now on Android.