Late last month we reported on developer Bulbware's bizarre dungeon crawler game Poopdie, which features the popular YouTuber PewDiePie and takes place in a weird world where everybody has somehow forgotten how to poop or fart, making them extremely aggressive. At the time, we were informed that the game would launch on December 12th for both Android and iOS, but as reported by Android Police, it has already arrived on the Google Play Store ahead of schedule.

Poopdie Hero 7517_wm
A bizarre game from Bulbware featuring Pewdiepie

In case you missed our previous coverage, Poopdie has you play as Poopdie, a worm-like being who’s the only one that can still fart in this world. That makes it the target for the constipated townsfolk to beat on to vent their frustration.  One day, though, Poopdie decided that it has had enough, and so it heads out to try to find a way to cure this affliction. Check out the game’s trailer below:

While art style and gameplay are reminiscent of the acclaimed roguelike title The Binding of Isaac, Poopdie has a much sillier sense of humor, as you can probably tell already from the premise.

Interestingly, the combat takes a pretty defensive approach. You won’t be attacking enemies directly. Instead, you’ll consume several types of food to then poop out units to fight for you. Of course, different food you eat will result in different units with their own unique characteristics.

Poopdie Android Ios Promo Art Three Different Poop 2437_wm
Different food you eat will result in different units

Early reviews for the game on the Play Store have been great so far, with many users praising it for its unique story, quirky art style, and sense of humor. If you happen to find this game appealing, then we also recommend that you try out Bulb Boy, another game from Bulbware. It’s a point-and-click game with some pretty challenging puzzles released in 2016 to a pretty warm reception. On the other hand, if you only like it because you are a fan of Pewdiepie, then Pixelings is another title where this YouTuber has made an appearance. We’ve covered that in a previous article, so do check that out if you are interested.

Meanwhile, Poopdie is available for download right now on Google Play for free. The iOS version will probably still launch on the expected date of December 12th – in other words, tomorrow.