We have never forgotten the famous disease spreading title Plague Inc by our famous developer Ndemic Creations, and now, following its success is the upcoming title Rebel Inc. The game was inspired by Plague Inc, which inherited its viewpoint, however, in a different scenario. Instead of trying to infect the world with a certain pathogen, your goal in Rebel Inc is to stabilize a country after a devastating war, which including balancing civilian and military priorities to claim the minds and hearts of your people, also preventing other forces from rising to power.

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Rebel Inc was only released on the iOS platform during the previous December. And now, the game has just become available on Android’s Google Play so that Android users can finally have their hands on this tactical simulation.


The game will also hit players with random event based on elements such as current reputation, and initiatives which will depend on what you choose during the gameplay. How much support you get from the citizens is the only factor that decides whether you can maintain your nation or see its fall to ashes.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ‘Plague Inc.’ Follow-Up ‘Rebel Inc.’ Now Available on Android

It has been questioned whether Ndemic Creations can replicate the success they had achieved with their product Plague Inc or the game will just be a rip off copycat of its predecessor. The game recent release on iOS has turned out to be a success, gamers have been crediting Rebel Inc for delivering a familiar yet at the same time novel experience. The game has been amongst the top on the iOS chart ever since its official release. This is hardly surprising, though, considering how much effort the developers put into it. They reportedly even went so far as to consult many politicians to make it.

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If you are an Android user and a fan of Plague Inc, make sure to check out Rebel Inc and experience the game for yourself.