Previous titles from game studio Goodnight Games, such as the stylish shooter/runner hybrid Malevolent Machines or the weird Namaste Space Buffalo that is really hard to define, are pretty enjoyable. Now, their latest work, titled “Plunder Kings”, is looking quite promising as well.

Plunder Kings

This upcoming title is a shoot ’em up that follows a vertical orientation. It was actually announced way back in summer 2017 and was originally scheduled to come out in February 2018. However, Goodnight Games kept making several changes to the gameplay, adding new features, improving the graphics, and now almost a full year has passed since that intended launch date and the game is still not complete. That is definitely not a bad thing though. Recently the developers have released a new trailer for Plunder Kings, and it looks like they have been putting all that extra time to good use. Check it out below:

There are tons of shoot ‘em up on the mobile game market these days, but Plunder Kings have a couple of features that make it stand out from the rest of the pack. You fight your way through waves of enemies that are procedurally generated, and they get harder and harder the further you go.  As you destroy enemies, you obtain loot that can be used to upgrade your ship. You can end the run at any point to spend the loot, but if you die without cashing in, you will lose it all. So now you have a choice: Do you play it safe and go back with less loot, or will you take a high-risk-high-reward approach and keep pushing forward against more difficult adversaries for the chance to earn a bigger prize? It is entirely up to you.

Plunder Kings 1

Additionally, before each run you can place a bet on various things like how far you can go, how many bosses you can defeat, how many waves you can overcome, etc. If you actually manage to achieve your goal, you will win some extra cash. Of course, if you don’t, you lose money. It’s clear that the entirety of the game revolves around knowing your limits.

There is no exact release date for Plunder Kings just yet, but Goodnight Games have promised that a big announcement is coming at the beginning of February, so stay tuned for more updates.