The PMPL South Asia was postponed once before due to the Janta Curfew on Sunday. Day 3 and Day 4 of Week 1 was pushed back to March 23 and 24. However, as the situation of the coronavirus didn't get any better, India is now in a lockdown state, in which people are encouraged to stay inside their house as much as possible. The lockdown has been applied upon more than 80 cities and districts in India until March 31. Thus, PMPL South Asia will be delayed indefinitely.

But even though the PMPL South Asia has been postponed, you can still watch all the best PUBG Mobile teams compete with the PMPL South Asia Scrim.

In order to entertain the PUBG Mobile fans while the PMPL South Asia is not available, PUBG Mobile held the PMPL South Asia Scrims where all the teams in the PMPL South Asia compete with each other every day with a prize pool of Rs 75,500 each day. With such a big prize pool for only 1 day, I can be sure that these matches are just as intensive as the real PMPL matches.

Yesterday was the first day of the PMPL South Asia Scrims, let check out the result and see how teams were doing.

Hindi Pmpl South Asia Scrims Day 1 Pubg Mobile Pro
PMPL South Asia Scrims Day 1
Hindi Pmpl South Asia Scrims Day 1 Pubg Mobile Pro
PMPL South Asia Scrims Day 1

Team Godlike has taken the top on the first day of the PMPL South Scrims with 96 points and an insane amount of 36 kills. They took the top prize of Rs 52,000 for being the winner.

SynerGE also has 96 points, but they only have 17 kills, so they took second place. SynerGE got Rs 22,000 for second place.

TeamIND went third place with only 2 points behind, taking home Rs 7,500.

Orang Rock and Fnatic got 4th place and 5th place respectively even though they got one Chicken Dinner each. They didn't earn any prize money because only the top 3 teams can have it.

Team SouL was in 9th place with only 45 points, while Entity Gaming was even worse with only 26 points.

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