The grand final of the competition will take place in Taiwan in September. 16 best gaming creators will also team up with the top PUBG Mobile Pros for the ultimate chicken dinner.

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TeamIND, lead by Tanmay Singh a.k.a Sc0ut

When the voting ended, the top 16 PUBG Mobile gaming creators who qualified will be playing the first round of matches. The list includes India’s famous creators Dynamo Gaming, Kronten Gaming, RawKnee Gaming, and Gareebo.

PMSC 2019 is absolutely going to be an amazing competition as a lot of top PUBG Pro squads and teams from all around the world are invited – including India’s most favorite teams: Team IND and team SouL

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Team SouL at the India Series 2019

Below is the full list of every PUBG Mobile Pro Teams invited to compete in the PMSC 2019 in Taipei.

Among those 16 teams invited, 12 of them have recently participated in the Global Finals of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019, however, the champion of that tournament, TOP Esports, is not going to join.

The tournament will also include the rank 3 team from PMCO 2019 Global Finals, Elite Gaming, along with RR! Athena, the winner of the previous iteration. It is very likely that Indian teams would be able to win the tournament as they have a higher skill level.

Dynamo Gaming, one of the best PUBG Mobile Content Creator

According to his recent statements, SouL MortaL is going to take a break from PUBG Mobile temporarily. Because of that, PMSC 2019 would probably be his last tournament of the year. All fans of MortaL will definitely want to see his last rodeo. A prize pool of $250,000 would be split between 16 teams of the tournament. Indian content creators and teams would have the biggest chance to get the whole thing.

Below is the list of all 16 content creators who are selected to play in the tournament.