Great news, Android users: the highly acclaimed platformer has come to Google Play Store. First released on the App Store about 9 months ago, the game was widely regarded as one of the best platformer released on iOS in 2018, even winning an Apple Design Award. Now, Android users can finally see what it has to offer. Check out a teaser for the Android release below:

As shown at the end of the teaser, this Android version doesn’t require you to pay the full price upfront like its iOS counterpart. Instead, you can try the first chapter for free to have a taste of what Oddmar is like. Then, if you decide that it’s worth it, you can unlock the rest of the game with an in-app purchase, which will set you back $4.99 (Rs 357).

The controls in Oddmar are very straightforward: You swipe your left thumb horizontally to move sideways, whereas with your right you swipe vertically to jump or tap to attack. Simple, but incredibly effective. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t support physical controllers for those who want something more tactile.

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Oddmar features a protagonist of the same name. He is a lazy and selfish Viking who is looked down by his peers and must now set out to prove his worth so that he can one day go to Valhalla. It is up to you to help him do this by controlling him through 24 stunningly gorgeous levels filled with numerous platforming challenges and puzzles. The game is relatively short: Generally, you can complete it in roughly 2.5 hours. However, the polished gameplay and funny story more than make up for this.

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If you're a fan of the platformer genre or are simply looking for a good game with a reasonable price, Odmar is one of the best options currently available. It deserves all the praises, and the Android port provides the exact same experience as the iOS version. It’s true that many are hesitant to pay money for a mobile game, but give this one a try, and you will definitely not regret it.