LINE GAMES and Shift Up have recently enabled players to pre-register for Destiny Child’ global version. Pre-registration phase will be available in 164 countries across the world until December 5. At the same time, the official launch will be within December 2018.

Destiny Child first appeared in Korea and Japan in 2016 and 2017 respectively, and has been widely popular in both countries ever since. Currently, by using Line, players from Thailand and Taiwan are already available to sign up for the game. Below is the global teaser of the game.

A devil in the human's body...

In summary, Destiny Child will let you become a devil living a human’s life due to the underworld’ boredom. Suddenly, you have to join an epic war to decide the new devil king. To get help with the battle, you make contracts with girls, a.k.a Childs.

Destiny Child Preview 750x375
Win the war of the devils.. in a human's body!

Don’t worry if you haven't played a game of this genre. Why, you ask? Because Destiny Child brings you a thorough and in-depth tutorial to help you more with cards and their usage. Additionally, many other elements will also be extensively explained as you progress further into the game. Hence, you should be proficient in Destiny Child in no time.

What to expect in Destiny Child

Talking about the features of the game, you can build your own deck with lots of available customization options. The game applies Live 2D Technology, which will give a pseudo-3D appearance to characters whilst still maintaining their aesthetics in 2D. “We are excited to present Destiny Child’s unique narrative character collecting experience to global players,” said Minkyu Kim, CEO of LINE GAMES. “Together with SHIFTUP, we will devote our best efforts to offer excellent service to our users worldwide".

Destiny Child New Image
Expect a stunning graphics in Destiny Child.

Make sure you sign up NOW!

Regarding the “global” releasing scale, more and more territories are getting the game rather than just Thailand and Taiwan. Sign up right now to receive rare units like a 5-star character summon scroll as well as 1,000 crystals, 10,000 onyx and 100,000 gold, exclusively in Destiny Child.

Dc Prereg
Pre-register and get a head start now!