Free Fire fraggers will play in front of the squad. If you are an aggressive player and want to master all close combat to help the whole team get Booyah, you may need these tips. Below are the latest pro tips for the best fraggers in Free Fire. Check them out with

Fragger Tips In Free Fire

These are some pro tips for aggressive players who play in front of the squad and often have to deal with close and mid-range combat. Check them out.

  • Adjust The Camera Sensitivity To Headshot

You should keep the sensitivity at a high level so that you can headshot and kill the enemies easily when using shotguns. The recommended sensitivity level for M1887 and M1014 is 100 percent. Therefore you need to go to the sensitivity setting and drag the sensitivity bar to the maximum level.

Leave Sensitivity High
Leave The Sensitivity High If You Use Shotguns Only

Or else, you can leave the sensitivity at 70 percent to use SMGs and ARs. This sensitivity level guarantees that you can use all close-range weapons effectively. In Classic game mode, you shouldn't use shotguns only. Grab an ARs to deal with medium combat. Making headshots is the fastest way to eliminate enemies. If you make mistake, make sure that your teammates are near enough to revive you.

  • Improve Headshot Skill In A Sudden Attack

After adjusting the sensitivity to the maximum level, you can aim to headshot quickly. To do this, you should keep the crosshair underneath the target and keep moving to approach the opponent. Then, quickly drag the aim to the head of the enemy and shoot.

Raise The Sight Quickly To Headshot
Headshot To Eliminate At Least One Enemy

Besides, you need to approach the enemy quietly and shoot him down quickly so that he cannot reflex. Therefore, only the fragger should approach when the rest of the team give him a good back up. If you can kill one enemy, you will bring your team an advantage.

  • Switch Weapons Quickly

The next pro tip to master these two shotguns is a quick weapon switch. Garena Free Fire features a quick weapon switch button. You need to enable it so that this button appears on the phone screen. Adjust the size and transparency of the button so that you can see it clearly but the button does not cover your sight.

Switch Weapons Quickly
Switch Weapons Quickly

Besides, drag it to the position that you can touch it quickly. When the enemy approaches you suddenly, switch to shotgun quickly and headshot him. In addition, don't waste your time in reloading ammo in close combat. Instead, you need to switch weapons instantly. The best weapon combination for close combat for pro players includes a shotgun and a powerful SMG.

  • Make Use Of Gloo Wall And All Weapons

If both of your guns run out of bullets, step back and hide behind a cover to reload ammo. If you try to attack when reloading bullets, you will become an easy target and be killed quickly. Make sure you have reloaded the ammo before attacking. You can use nearby shelters or make a Gloo wall to cover.

Find A Cover When Reloading Shotguns
Find A Cover When Reloading Shotguns

To master all close-quarter combat with shotguns, you need to master the Gloo wall skill. Keep in mind that M1887 and M1014 are most effective in short-range combat in which you need to fight in close distance. Therefore, grab them for a quick blast. Then, make Gloo walls quickly to cover when you need to reload or heal.

Use Gloo Walls To Block Enemies
Use Gloo Walls To Block Enemies

If you are lucky enough to block the enemy in a corner, quickly throw a frag grenade to kill him inside the trap. But you should avoid corner or the enemy can block you there with his Gloo wall.