Free Fire Kalahari is the latest map with a lot of secret places that you may not know. Here are the top hiding spots that you shouldn't miss to get Booyah on this desert map. Check them out with

Top Hidden Places In Free Fire Kalahari

These hiding places are great spots to camp and surprise enemies. Check out these secret spots.

Free Fire Kalahari
Free Fire Kalahari map has many ideal places to hide
  • Refinery: It's located in the center of the map. There is a big dish antenna on a high hill. You can use the hook to get there. From there, shoot the hook to the top of the nearby tower to get there. This tower top is a great spot for snipers.
  • Another place in Refinery is a secret gap in the stone hill.
  • Foundation: The water area in the foundation is also a great place to hide. You should hold a stun grenade to hide under the water without being spotted.
Tower Top
Tower Top In Refinery
  • Santa Caterina: You can find a big lorry there for you to hide and camp. But you need to lie on the lorry to avoid exposing your head.
  • The Sub: Don't miss this secret place. It's located in the south of the map. You can climb to the top of the ship to snipe. Moreover, the enemies on the ground can hardly shoot you when you are prone.
The Sub
Top of the broken ship in the Sub
  • Come back to the foundation: There is a secret basement in this place. It's placed in the ruined construction in Foundation.
  • Bayfront: You can find a secret skylight hole in the Bayfront on the ceiling of a secret room. But you can use the hook to jump to the edge of the hole and reach sit there. If someone gets into the room, you can shoot down to kill them.
The Gap In The Stone Mountain In Refinery
The Gap In The Stone Mountain In Refinery
  • Return to the Refinery to explore another hiding place here. It is on the top of the central construction tower in this location. But you need to make some Gloo walls to climb there.
  • The water in Santa Caterina is also a good hiding place.
  • There are so many hiding places. Another place is in the main tower of this place. You also use the hook to reach this metal bar. But when you shoot and unveil your location, you need to move right away.

Those are the top must-know hiding locations on this desert to get Booyah on Kalahari map.