Recently, Quartz has partnered up with Jana to conduct a study whose result stated that the most played game in India now is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile. In more details, the number of people who experienced the game was up to 62 percent.

The report also pointed out that the second popular game was Free Fire, but the percentage of its players was just about one-third of PUBG. This most trending game can be played on mobile, desktop and even consoles such as Xbox and PS4.

PUBG is the trending game in India

Another report from KPMG, in 2016, the Indian gaming market was 120 million players, which was potential as the data costs were being reduced. By 2021, PUBG will be a $1.1 billion game.

According to the study by Quartz, most people who answered ‘PUBG’ when asked which online video games they played were males from 16 to 24 years old. While 61.9 percent of the surveyed selected PUBG, that numbers for Free Fire and Fortnite were 21.7% and 8.5% respectively.

Pubg Main
There are many reasons why people love this game

When being asked about the reasons that they play PUBG, the large part of the surveyed subjects (46.2%) said that it was the best compared to other games. 24.5 percent of people tried PUBG as they heard others discussing it, while 18.3 of them wanted to try the experience. Meanwhile, 10.9 percent of people, responded that they played it because their friends did so.

The figure of people who played PUBG on their mobile phones was also revealed as 73.4 percent. This number is high, but with the current bullish smartphone market in India, this is not a surprise.

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PUBG is so popular in India that a tournament with a huge amount of money was held there

The KPMG report we mentioned before also showed the amount of money Indians spent on in-game purchases: $19.65 million. With this amount of money, PUBG Mobile became the top grossing game on the Play Store and the App Store.

72 percent of people surveyed said it costed them up to 350 Rupee for in-app purchases, and 28 percent of them would spend even more. Most money was used to buy crates and skins.

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A lot of money has been spent on in-game purchases.

The availability of PUBG Mobile is one of the most important factors contributing to its success in India. The game is free on both the Play Store and App Store, and people can play it on virtually all smartphones, even the most economical ones, although it might limit their experiences. Fortnite, its competitor, is considered harder to approach as only a number of devices can play it on the Play Store.