Through the beta testers of PUBG Mobile, we get to know what is coming to PUBG Mobile in the next 0.17.0 update. They are some of the most requested features that most players have been yearning for a long time. Although we don't when the 0.17.0 update is going to be released, here is everything that is coming to PUBG Mobile with the patch.

1. Death Camera

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Death Camera is a great feature to learn from your mistake

Death Camera is an important feature that PUBG Mobile players have been begging the developer to add to the game for a long time. It allows players to see how other players have killed them so they can learn from their mistakes. More importantly, the Death Camera is an effective way to spot cheaters so they can get reported. The feature is already available in the Chinese version of PUBG.

2. Extreme Cold Mode

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There will be a snowstorm every five minutes

Extreme Cold Mode is a mode that was introduced to PUBG Mobile earlier. In this mode, other than fighting with other players, you will also have to try to survive the cold weather by hunting animals for meat and light up the fire. Every 5 minutes, there will be a cold wave storm though the map and damage you if you don't have any source of heat nearby.

3. Color Blind Mode

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You can use the Color Blind mode to change the overall visual of the game for fun

The Color Blind mode was introduced by PUBG Mobile a while ago, and it seems that the mode will be coming with the next update. This feature allows people with different kinds of color blindness to recognize different colors in the game. You can also use it too even if you are not suffered from color blindness to make the game look fresher.