PUBG Mobile has become massively popular across the globe. The goal of the game is to be the last survivor out of the 100 players trapped on an isolated island. Here are 5 tips to increase your chance of winning.

Run barefoot

In many shooter games like Call of Duty or CS: GO, the sound of footsteps is a crucial part of the game. By listening to them, players can determine the position of their adversaries. The same holds true in PUBG, including the mobile version. However, an improvement that PUBG has made is that it allows players to reduce the sound they make while running. You can do this simply by removing your shoes. Of course, this simple trick doesn’t make you completely silent, but try doing this, and you will notice a significant decrease in the number of players able to hear you coming.

PUBG Mobile
Running barefoot will reduce the noise you make

Use mind games

Mind games are there in basically all competitive games, and if you can find creative ways to fool your opponents and have them do what you want them to do, you will see yourself coming out on top a lot more often.

Here is one trick that you can try: Find yourself a good gun, preferably one with long range, then find a vantage point that you can hide in. Then, switch your microphone to global mode so that everyone can hear you, then start shouting the names of a nearby location, saying that there is a big fight there. Of course, don’t reveal your actual location, but where you want to lure other players to.

Image result for pubg mobile sniper
Hide somewhere and lure others close for kills

The majority of players in PUBG have a tendency to run to where the action is instead of away from it as common sense would suggest. You can’t really blame them. Afterall, where is the fun in running and hiding? Still, you can use this mentality to your advantage. Many people will start coming to the location that you called out, which puts them right in your crossfire. Don’t overuse this tactic though. People will start noticing your bluff after a while.

Hide in the back seat of a vehicle with closed top

In PUBG Mobile, if you drive a vehicle, a symbol will appear to indicate that it is being controlled. However, this symbol won’t appear if you sit in the back seat of a car. So, find a car, drive it to somewhere people are likely to pass by, then get off the driver’s seat and into the back seat. Many players will mistake the car that you are in for an empty one and approach to claim it, which is when you kill them. Of course, this trick only works with a closed top car. Otherwise, the enemies will see you sitting in the car from a mile away.

Image result for pubg mobile closed top car
Hide in a closed top car like this to surprise enemies

Pay attention to your outfit

PUBG Mobile allows players to customize their look with a wide choice of outfits. Some players like their characters to look as flamboyant as possible. That might not be the best idea. Instead, the wiser approach would be to use this feature to carry out a classic tactic that has been there since the dawn of war: Camouflage.

The idea is very simple: Wearing outfits with the same colors as the environment will make it harder for others to see you. This is a huge advantage. You are less likely to get shot at when navigating the map. You can ambush others or hide more easily.

Image result for pubg mobile barefoot
Choosing the right outfit can be a huge advantage

Here are some outfit recommendations: For the Erangel map, try the pioneer shirt, green or gray combat pants and leather gloves. On Miramar, wear a bloody tank top, tan gloves and khaki combat pants, or, now hear me out, just don’t wear anything at all.

Close doors after you go through

Your parents have been telling you to do this since you were a kid. Now you know why. It is so that you can win a mobile game. All jokes aside, this simple trick will be more useful than you think. The way PUBG Mobile works is, at the beginning of the game, the doors to all buildings are closed. When players parachute down, they start pillaging the buildings for weapons and supplies, then leave without a second thought. So, a building with doors open means a player has already been there. The reverse psychology is applied here too: When a building has closed doors, people tend to not expect that somebody is in there. See where this is going? Go in a building, close the door behind you, then lie low and wait for someone to come in thinking it’s empty, then give them a nice little surprise.

Image result for pubg close door
Close the door after you come inside a building to ambush others

There you have it, the 5 tips for PUBG Mobile that we have to offer. So get out there on the battlefield, try them, and see how effective they are.