PUBG Mobile players have been enjoying the new Zombie mode Survive Till Dawn for a week now, and we have summed up a few tips and tricks to help you survive longer, as well as giving an overview of the new weapons and enemies that it features. Even though this mode is vastly different from the traditional gameplay, it is a good environment to improve certain skill sets that will come in handy in other maps.

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Playing Survive Till Dawn is a great way to help you up your headshot game. Just like players, zombies go down quicker when shot in the head, and what this mode provides makes for a perfect environment to hone your shooting skills. With zombies coming at you in all directions, you can practice aiming while under high-pressure situations, which will definitely be useful during a regular match.

Pubg Mobile Aiming Improve Without Keyboard Mouse
Getting better at shooting zombies means you're better at shooting players too

Run and Gun

If you go out in the open at night, you leave yourself to detrimental attacks, both from zombies and from other players. Staying indoors for too long isn’t an option either, as that will get you surrounded and eventually overwhelmed by the constantly-spawning horde of zombies. Thus, you are forced to run and gun, which happens to be a great way to learn recoil control. Master it, and it will a valuable skill to your arsenal.


One of the most challenging things about the zombie mode is that the zombies are insanely fast at night. This is absolutely terrifying, and if you have trouble imagining what it’s like, let’s just say the experience is comparable to landing in Pochinki and find yourself immediately greeted by a barrage of bullets. In order to survive the zombie onslaught, your movement will be tested to its full extent. If you manage to last through the night, then chances are, you will find yourself emerging victorious from Pochinki a lot more often too.


Many zombie games are all about plowing through as many zombies as you can use tons of different guns and other weapons (heck, even Resident Evil falls into that trap with some of its later entries), but that’s not the case here. Ask any PUBG Mobile player who has mastered Survive Till Dawn, and they will tell you that it’s more about strategies than just killing zombies. To make it out alive, you must carefully plan out every step.

Teamwork and communication

And if you have watched a zombie movie, you’ll notice that the lone wolves are usually the first to die. Only by teaming up with others can you improve your chance of survival. During the process, you will have a chance to improve your communication skills and team synergy, which carry out into other maps as well.

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Teamwork is the key to survival

Effective use of healing items

Survive Till Dawn brings out the inner doctor within you. Surrounded by an army of ravenous undead ready to tear you apart, you’ll see how important a can of energy drink or a dose of painkillers is. Since they are limited, you must learn to use them efficiently. When you go back to the regular matches, this can mean the difference between victory and defeat during those final rounds.

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Every bit of healing counts!


The Shotgun is a weapon that is mostly neglected in a classic match. However, in the Zombie mode, it actually becomes well sought-after as it’s capable of one-shotting most zombies. Maybe after this, you’ll find that the shotgun does have its uses.

Pubg Mobile Shotguns2
The shotgun, though often neglected, does have its uses


As mentioned, there is no perfect strategy to Survive Till Dawn. Depending on the specific situation, you have to balance between holing up in shelters and running from place to place. This helps you into a versatile player. Knowing when to run and when to hide also plays a major role in the traditional mode of PUBG Mobile too. Done well, and you will be almost invisible. Your enemies will never know what hit them.