India’s Ministry of Information & Technology has recently issued a ban on 118 Chinese mobile applications, including PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. The measure came after the escalated border dispute between India and China over the Line of Actual Control. The community may have expected the ban coming earlier in June when TikTok was disallowed from the country with 55 other apps. Yet, the game slipped through the crack somehow and managed to make it until September. 

pubg mobile ban meme 1
These memes could be your savior

Each member of the Indian PUBG Mobile community has a different way to react to the ban from the Government. While some are devastated and heartbroken to hear the news, others choose a more positive view on the matter. They express it via a series of funny memes and jokes currently flooding the social media platform Twitter. #PUBG has become a new trend on Twitter, as the memes try their best to depict happy parents and sad gamers. 

Check out these PUBG Mobile ban funny memes:

Indian Parents are over the moon right now

indian parents 1
Indian parents right now
indian parents 2
Big win for the parents
indian parents 3

Sad PUBG Mobile gamers 

sad gamer
Indian PUBG Mobile gamers belike

PUBG Mobile salutes its players

pubg mobile leave
PUBG Mobile leaving Indian

Gamers to gamers right now

tom cat
PUBG Mobile gamers to each other
Le TikTokers* to Pubg players
Le TikTokers* to Pubg players
pubg mobile ban meme 2
Got to have some Ludo meme
pubg mobile ban meme 3
It seems like not just Indian parents are happy
pubg mobile ban meme 4
China after seeing #PUBGBan trending

These funny memes and jokes may not reverse the fact that PUBG Mobile has been officially banned in India. Yet, they can provide a little respite from the heartbreaking news. Things are different based on the perspective you choose to look at it. Why being sad and heartfelt when you know that it would not change anything? instead, try to stay calm and positive. Tencent Games has already been looking for possible solutions to unban PUBG Mobile in India. So, keep your chin up and maybe switch to other games like Free Fire or CoD: Mobile to while away some time.