PUBG Mobile makes it a tradition to collab with famous brands and celebrities for various in-game events. Over the past few months, the title has announced partnerships with many worldwide companies, including Metro Exodus and Mountain Dew. Last week, PUBG Mobile even dropped a hint of the upcoming collaboration. Netizens immediately recognize who that hint was referring to. And now, the official PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK Collab Event Calendar is live!

Pubg X Blackpink
Get ready for the unique PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK Collab

Only those who live under a rock do not how huge BLACKPINK is in Asia. The South Korean girl group consists of 4 members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa; managed by YG Entertainment. To celebrate this once in a lifetime collaboration, the developers have gone all out to prepare the most exciting events for players.

Blackpink Pubg Mobile Lisa
BLACKPINK Lisa poster
BLACKPINK rose poster
BLACKPINK Rose poster
BLACKPINK Jisoo poster
BLACKPINK Jisoo poster
BLACKPINK Jennie poster
BLACKPINK Jennie poster

Take a look at the PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK Collab Event Calendar officially announced on PUBG Mobile's Twitter.

Pubg Mobile Blackpink Collab
Embrace for Collab!

PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK Collaboration Event Calendar

The new events start on 20 September 2020 and stretch all the way to 2 November 2020 in PUBG Mobile. Don't sleep on the opportunity to earn various rewards from the following events:

event calendar pubg mobile
Official event calendar
  • #1 Theme Visual (20 Sept - 10 Oct): During this period, the game's lobby will turn to a solid pink color. The Airdrop color is pink also.
  • #2 Lobby Music (24 Sept - 2 Nov): Enjoy your PUBG Mobile experience with sassy background music.
  • #3 Airplane & AirDrop (2 Oct - 2 Nov): Airplanes and Airdrops will receive a complete transformation of color: from the initial red to completely pink.
  • #4 Billboard (2 Oct - 8 Oct): Billboards near hot-drop locations like Pochinki will show the "Blackpink in your Area" poster.
  • #5 Win outfits & Album (24 Sept to 8 Oct): Exclusive events to win BLACKPINK-themed outfits and album.
  • #6 Exclusive Gift to Blackpink (24 Sept to 2 Nov): Mystery awaits the Korena pop stars.
PUBG Mobile X Blackpink rewards
Check out the rewards you can get from the event