After releasing a teaser of the collaboration more than a week ago, PUBG Mobile has officially dropped some confirmation about the event. The famous K-pop girl band is coming to the battlegrounds. On top of that, PUBG Mobile players can now search for the band members in the game. Yes, you heard that right. PUBG Mobile officials just revealed BLACKPINK members' character IDs.

Pubg X Blackpink
Guess who is coming?

List of BLACKPINK Members' Character IDs in PUBG Mobile:

  • Jennie Kim's Character ID: 51009797582; In-game username: “JenniePUBGM”
jennie pubg mobile
BLACKPINK Jennie Kim X PUBG Mobile

BLACKPINK Jennie Kim 1

BLACKPINK Jennie Kim 2

BLACKPINK Jennie Kim 4

BLACKPINK Jennie Kim 3

  • Kim Jisoo's character ID: 51009780171; In-game username: “JisooPUBGM”
jisoo pubg mobile





  • Lalisa Manoban's character ID: 51009791380; In-game username: “LisaPUBGM”
Blackpink Pubg Mobile Lisa
BLACKPINK Lalisa Manoban X PUBG Mobile

BLACKPINK Lalisa Manoban 1

BLACKPINK Lalisa Manoban 2

BLACKPINK Lalisa Manoban 3

BLACKPINK Lalisa Manoban 4

  • Roseanne Park's character ID: 51009801702;  In-game username: “RoséPUBGM”
rose pubg mobile
BLACKPINK Roseanne Park X PUBG Mobile

BLACKPINK Roseanne Park 1

BLACKPINK Roseanne Park 2

BLACKPINK Roseanne Park 3

BLACKPINK Roseanne Park 4

PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK Collaboration

PUBG Mobile has confirmed the collaboration with the famous South Korean girl band BLACKPINK. Yet, the devs have not revealed any information on the event details but their players' IDs. Perhaps, we may expect to see a show match where the band members actually play the game live, as many celebrities did in the past. BLACKPINK members make a full squad of four!
Pubg Mobile Blackpink Collab
We have confirmation that BLACKPINK is coming to PUBG Mobile
Yet, that's just our guess. So far, there's no specific information from PUBG Corporation regarding the collab. The event is so vague that we don't even know what to expect. However, we do know about the new Recall Event for Season 15 which features some black and pink cosmetic items!
Blackpink Pubg Mobile All Group
No further information was revealed

The Recall event happens in every new season of PUBG Mobile. You can invite back friends who haven't been playing the game for a while in exchange for certain rewards. The invited player must be at least level 15 or above and have not played in 28 days or more. In Season 15, the rewards for the Recall event are clearly related to BLACKPINK.

The Season Recall Event includes BLACKPINK-themed rewards

But that's the only information we can gather about the PUBG Mobile X BLACKPINK collaboration as of now. We have to eagerly wait for more details or an announcement at best from PUBG Corp. But regarding the immense popularity of the South Korean girl group in Asia, the event should be huge.