PUBG Mobile has released its fourth ban report of violated accounts from 11th September to 17th September. According to the first report issued on 29th August, 22.,73,152 cheaters were detected. The second found 18,38,223 players cheating. The last week's report suspended over 22,45,936 accounts. And just hours ago, PUBG Mobile revealed that it has banned over 2,080,812 accounts permanently for cheating.

pubg mobile cheat report
Previous reports have listed millions of cheating accounts

Here's a Break-Down of the Banned Players:

  • 3% in Conqueror tier
  • 3% in Ace tier
  • 6% in Crown tier
  • 11% in Diamond tier
  • 13% in Platinum tier
  • 16% in Gold tier
  • 23% in Silver tier
  • 25% in Bronze tier
pubg mobile ban pie chart
Ban reasons and percentage of violators

Here are the Reasons Why They Receive a Ban:

  • 47% use auto-aiming from third-party scripts to shoot enemies automatically with no recoil and absolute accuracy
  • Around 29% uses X-Ray Visions to gain an unfair advantage and spot the enemy's position, even through covers and walls
  • 11% use speed hacks to give themselves an unfair movement advantage
  • 4% use mods to enahne the area damage, which enables them to kill others instantly with increased bullet damage
  • 4% of the hackers use mods to change the character model to gain an unfair advantage using third-party plugins
  • The remaining 5% have no specific reason

PUBG Mobile to Introduce a New Anti-Cheating System

The new anti-cheat feature in PUBG Mobile was announced ahead of the New Era update. It's known as the Video Review Station. With this system, players have the authority to decide whether the reported gamer in the video is hacking or not. If most responses point to the gamer as guilty, then the game officials will review the footage for further verification.

pubg mobile investigators
Join hands to stop the cheater

This week, 15,552 investigators assist to decide 34,790 bans, with the top one also receiving the title of Master Investigator. If an investigator have  21 correct judgments in a week, then they will receive a reward of three classic crate coupons. The new anti-cheating system seems transparent when employs the help of the community to detect unhonest players. Should you come across any unusual behaviors, report them and wait for the judgment.