PUBG Mobile is among the most popular mobile games in the world. Since its release in 2018, the battle royale game has been attracting millions of downloads and got a massive user base and revenue. Sensor Tower has just released a report, revealing that PUBG Mobile has contributed nearly $500 million in just 72 days. In fact, the mobile game has generated more than $3.5 billion in player spending since it was first released. 

Pubg Mobile Revenue
In just 72 days, PUBG Mobile rakes in over $500 million.

In this year, PUBG Mobile has garnered a whopping $1.6 billion in revenue. It is even more shocking that Garena's Free Fire, the second-ranked battle royal game, has generated only $395 million, which is only one-fourth of what PUBG Mobile has achieved. 

Top Grossing Battle Royale Shooters Worldwide 2020
PUBG Mobile is still the most profitable battle royale game, beating its rivals by a large margin.

According to Sensor Tower’s report, China users contributed $1.9 billion, which is 53 percent of PUBG Mobile’s total revenue. It is worth noting that the game was adapted into ‘Game for Peace’ in China to comply with the government regulations. 

The second-highest contribution is from the United States of America, at roughly $450 million or 13.6 percent of total revenue, followed by Japan with 5.5 percent. Surprisingly, Apple’s App Store is the most profitable platform for PUBG Mobile, accounting for 80 percent of total player spending. 

However, the India ban has only been active for around a week, so the game's revenue hasn't been impacted yet. With India accounting for 24 percent of its user base, the massive drop in user count might lower the community's interest as well as player spending in the game.

As per Sensor Tower’s report, PUBG Mobile has attracted over 770 million downloads, in which India users lead with 24 percent of total installs or 185.5 million, followed by Chinese users with 16.4 percent. The third-ranked market is the United States with 6.3 percent of total downloads. While Apple’s App Store leads in the player spending department, Google’s Play Store accounts for a higher number of downloads, accounting for 65.3 percent of the total amount.

The recent decision to ban PUBG Mobile by the Indian government has removed 24 percent of the game’s user base. As an attempt to get back the Indian market, its original developer, PUBG Corporation, announced that they are going to cut ties with Tencent in India and is reportedly looking for an Indian partner.