PUBG mobile has introduced a bunch of new special characters in its latest updated version. With various distinctive abilities attributed to each character, players are able to become more powerful than ever before.

The game allows players to select one out of four newly-added characters. While some of these special characters require UC or character vouchers, others cost you actual money. Continue reading as we’re revealing the best special character in PUBG mobile.

Pubg Mobile Character Victor

1. PUBG Mobile Character: Victor

Victor was the debutant of the special character line in PUBG. Victor is available for everyone since all players can obtain it for free. The character possesses the ability to reduce SMG’s reloading up to 10% upon reaching level 9. Along with special ability, Victor also has a special voice chat.

Pubg Mobile Character Sara

2. PUBG Mobile Character: Sara

Among all the special characters currently available in PUBG Mobile, Sara is the only female. She is able to reinforce the durability of vehicles. When being upgraded to the fullest, Sara can raise the vehicle durability to a maximum of 10%. However, unlike Victor, which is free, you need to have at least 600 UC or 600 character vouchers to get her.

Pubg Mobile Character Carlo

3. PUBG Mobile Character: Carlo

Carlo undoubtedly is the most attractive character as PUBG mobile has done a great job creating a fantastic appearance for him. A fabulous haircut along with a fashionable outfit, Carlo manages to catch everyone’s eyes. His special ability is reducing 24% of fall damage upon reaching level 9. Players also need to purchase Carlo with UC or character vouchers. He costs 1200 UV or 1200 character vouchers.

Pubg Mobile Character Andy

4. PUBG Mobile Character: Andy

Andy is the most recent Character introduced in the list. Andy is capable of increasing the put-away and gun draw speed to the maximum of 16% on a full upgrade. To own this special character, you will need 1200 UC or 1200 character vouchers. 

So, that's fundamentally everything you need to know about PUBG mobile' newly-released characters. Who do you think is the most special one? Let's go get your favorite one and give it a try.