Tencent has decided to close down the PUBG Mobile India server recently to return the publish right to PUBG Corp. Before PUBG Mobile was only removed from Google Play Store and App Store and you can still play the game if it is on your phone.

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The Indian PUBG Mobile servers were completely shut down on October 30

Now, the Indian server is shut down so all players will get is an error message when they enter the game.

Indian PUBG Mobile fan reacts to the news on Twitter

The news from PUBG Mobile has quickly gone viral throughout the PUBG Mobile community in India and everyone was extremely upset though they knew this day will come eventually.

A player express their sadness on Twitter because the Indian server is closed down

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If you pre-ordered the Royal Pass in PUBG Mobile then RIP your money
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PUBG Mobile was where people make new friends and great memories

While some mourn the loss of their favorite game, some face the news with humor and memes instead.

Yup, I am sure that lots of parents around India are celebrating this



PUBG Mobile was the one game that changed the entire gaming scene in India and makes it possible for people to make a living out of playing games. The influence PUBG Mobile had on the gamign scene in India is just simply undeniable, but every party has to come to an end.

Till now, there has been no sign that the game will be coming back eventhough PUBG is still trying every way they can. But even if PUBG Mobile comes back one day, will it still be the same as all the streamers and pro players have moved on?

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