According to some online reports, PUBG Mobile has been put under scrutiny due to the privacy concerns raised by the government of India. The long and short of it is that PUBG Mobile derives from China, and at least 275 Chinese apps also come under fire for safeguarding national security and user privacy.

Pubg Mobile Banned
Of course, PUBG Mobile wants to maintain its availability in India.

As a result, the battle royale game already announced a bunch of policy updates regarding privacy issues for Indian users, taking into account that such a precautionary measure could help the game maintain its availability in the country other than being banned like Clash of Kings and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Pubg Mobile Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the popular MOBA game, has been banned in Indian market.

Indian officials have yet to confirm whether or not they started to work on a so-called “surveillance” toward PUBG Mobile, but here’re five key takeaways from the Chinese privacy updates.

5 Things About PUBG Mobile's Privacy Updates

1. As per the company’s policy, the data obtained from Indian players is completely saved on local servers in India. For your information, other servers are located in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the U.S.

2. Several employees from support teams to engineering departments are allowed to access user data in some countries, but not India. Personal information about Indian players stays in India only.

Pubg Mobile Feature
What happened in India will stay in India.

3. In addition to that, PUBG Mobile says the game will store data whenever players use the Game Services. If you’re not aware of which types of information it’ll collect, these include login time, registration time, country code, OS version, battery level, etc.

4. PUBG Mobile also keeps an eye on any third-party services coming along with the game to ensure the safety of personal information.

5. As confirmed by the company, the process of deleting user data will take up to 30 days after a player deletes his account.