In spite of being known as the most popular survival game in the world, PUBG Mobile has faced lots of scandals, especially in the crowded market like India. According to a recent report, this country has recorded a new serious case relating to PUBG Mobile. A man was attacked to death by his three friends and the reason behind it was reportedly due to a little controversy when the victim advised his teammates to keep their voice down in the game.

Pubg Mobile

This painful case is not the only incident relating to this popular survival game. In the past, PUBG Mobile came under fire when indirectly stealing the life of a young gamer – a college student at the age of 20. This case took place after the victim arose a conflict with his father.

Accordingly, the victim was studying a college in Jalandhar, India. He killed himself by his father’s gun after his family confiscated his smartphone to prevent him from playing PUBG Mobile. The report pointed out that the father snatched the smartphone away from his son. He wanted his son to stop playing PUBG Mobile because he believed that it would negatively affect his study result.

Pubg Mobile Suicide

In the past, there had been lots of controversies between these two people and the father even broke his son’s smartphone. According to the Indian media, the victim left a message before his suicide. The police revealed that he used his father’s revolver to end up his life. Hearing the gunfire, his parents immediately entered the room and painfully realized that this gamer was hurt severely. He was rushed to the nearest hospital but doctors said that he couldn’t keep alive.

Pubg Death Teenager

The victim’s father said that he didn’t scout at the victim, but as parents, he must require his son to focus on studying and spending less time on smartphones and playing PUBG Mobile. A police officer called Ravinder Singh revealed that the father said the 20-year-old victim always spent many hours playing the game. PUBG Mobile has been criticized many times when it allegedly incites violence and leads to many pitiful cases for Indian gamers.

Sonam Wangchuk, a famous innovator and education reformist in this country, used to post a YouTube video saying that people should boycott Chinese apps including apps that are developed by Chinese companies such as PUBG Mobile due to a series of negative issues relating to this game.

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