PUBG Mobile is giving away many exclusive and rare items in the Purchase Bonus event season 14. You can get an amazing bundle for free and a weapon skin at a super low cost. This time-limited event will last until September 13th, 2020. Check it out here with

How To Get Rewards In PUBG Mobile Purchase Bonus Event Season 14

PUBG Mobile has introduced a Purchase Bonus Event with many rewards and a great discount. It will last until the end of this season. To get these rewards, you need to buy a required sum of UC. Here are the full details of these rewards in the Purchase Bonus event Season 14.

Pink Hedgehog Headgear

This is a lovely and impressive helmet skin. As its name, this headgear has a pink color and many black horns. You can get it for free, you need to purchase 60 UC in total.

Purchase Bonus Event
Purchase Bonus Event Season 14

Pink Hedgehog Set

This exclusive bundle is one of the most thrilling sets in PUBG Mobile season 14. It has Brown-Copper color and metal horns in the shoulders. It looks cool and dangerous like a hunter on the battleground. You can get this set for free after purchasing 120 UC in total.

Pinkgear Skin
Pink Hedgehog Bundle

Pink Hedgehog Mini-14 Gun Skin

It's one of the best weapon skins for the powerful DMR Mini-14 up to now. The cost of this gun skin in the shop is 1080 UC. However, you can get it at the discounted price of 180UC when you purchase any amount of UC. So, you can purchase 180 UC to get all three amazing rewards from this event.

Mini 14 Skin
Exclusive Mini-14 Gun Skin

PUBG Mobile Purchase Bonus event will end when this season is closed. So, you need to hurry up, purchase UC, and get these rare items for free or at a very low cost before it ends.