PUBG Mobile is loved by so many Indian players, however, the original game has banned from India last year due to a potential invasion of user privacy. Despite being unable to reach their favorite games because of the ban, Indian fans still keep trying until one day, they suddenly see hope from a rumor which is that an Indian version of PUBG Mobile can work on a Jio Phone.

Pubg Mobile Jio Phone

People have been talking about playing PUBG Mobile on a Jio Phone for a while, but to be frank, it seems to be nothing more than a fantasy. This high graphics game is seen to be too much to handle for such a simple phone. 

Jio Phone is the simplest product to be produced by the telco giant Jio, with a dirt-cheap price tag at the moment. It is mainly designed to communicate only, and despite being able to connect to the 4G network and added more features, the possibility of playing PUBG Mobile on this device is nearly 0%. 

Jio Phone 2 Feat
The possibility of playing PUBG Mobile on Jio Phones is nearly 0%, but why?

Jio Phones use an operating system called Kai OS and it definitely does not have the qualities needed to install and launch PUBG Mobile. However, there are still opinions believing that the phone can handle the game smoothly. 

Unfortunately, there are actually people who fall for this “theory” and make their attempt to install the game. Of course, this can cause serious consequences as there is no support from the developers, therefore, the “PUBG Mobile” apps floating out there are all frauds.  Not only do the claims and rumors keep spreading but also the download links on Jio Phone. 

Remember that those links are not censored and they offer nothing but uselessness to your phone, so stay as far as possible from them as they may cause severe issues for your device.