It is likely that 90 fps gameplay would come to PUBG Mobile soon, thanks to the Snapdragon 865 SoC, Qualcomm's newest mobile chipset. During the ongoing Tech Summit of Snapdragon, it was mentioned that PUBG Mobile would get support soon for 90fps gameplay.

This would give the devices who could handle it a much better visual output. Besides that, true 10 bit HDR would also get supported as well, which would significantly improve on-screen objects’ dynamic range. Furthermore, the console version of PUBG is now added to PlayStation’s subscription service for free, along with the first Wolfenstein game and Formula 2019.

Pubg Mobile Will Receive 90 Fps And True 10 Bit Hd
The 10-bit HDR would make the visual of your PUBG game way better, as it contains over 1 billion colors compared to the current 8 bit which only has 16 million

The rumors about Tencent adding options for 90fps and 120 fps support to PUBG Mobile have been around for quite some time – and this announcement more or less makes them official. Only the top of the line phones would be able to make use of these modes, however, as you would need a screen that could support a higher refresh rate.

Pubg Mobile Will Receive 90fps And True 10 Bit Hdr
90 FPS unlocked along with a future 120 FPS option would bring PUBG Mobile's gameplay to the next level

The “true 10-bit HDR support” is rather noteworthy, as it can provide a significantly larger dynamic color range compared to the usual HDR. With the 90fps and the previously mentioned 10bit options, Tencent could even add another special graphics option that’s even higher than the current Ultra preset.

Additionally, the main version of PUBG has finally been added to the PS Now subscription’s library of free games. This would definitely lead to a spike in the player count for the console version of the game. Indian players could enjoy it along with all the other games in the subscription by paying either Rs 700 per month or Rs 4,300 per year.

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