Towards the conclusion of the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge (PMSC) Finals in Dubai last weekend, the developers of this popular battle royale game have announced that it is having a crossover with Resident Evil 2. A teaser of this crossover event was published on PUBG Mobile’s official Twitter page. You can see it below.

The teaser did not reveal many details about the event. A launch date has not been confirmed either, but according to the announcement tweet, it will be coming “very soon”. The remake version of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 is set to release on January 25 next year, and there will likely be a demo later this month, so we can expect the crossover event to within this time frame.

Zombies in PUBG isn’t exactly something new, but perhaps there is more to this collaboration than just these walking dead. Recently there was another crossover event that allows PUBG Mobile players to take on the looks of Harley Quinn and The Joker in the Suicide Squad Movie, so this time maybe Resident Evil 2 main character Leon Kennedy will make an appearance. There might even be a whole new horror mode as well.

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Right now everything is just pure speculation, and we will have to wait a little more for the full reveal. There is one thing for certain, though: The upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake is highly anticipated, so the PUBG Mobile team will have to step up their game to match this expectation.

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PUBG is the game that gave rise to the popularity of the battle royale genre, and it is definitely still a notable title to this day. However, there is also no denying that gamers’ interest in it is dwindling, with more and more competitors on the market every day. Fortnite, for example, now has more than 200 million active users, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is having its own take on the genre as well. Thus, it will be interesting to see what this new collaboration will bring, and how players will react to it. If it goes well, hopefully PUBG Mobile will see more crossover in the future, just like what Fortnite did with Avengers: Infinity War and Wreck-It-Ralph.