Since the beginning of 2018, PUBG has been a prominent name on the popularity charts. This online battle royale title has witnessed several major events that attracted the attention of some of the best players, as well as millions of fans.  Originally released on PC, PUBG was highly praised by gamers for its unique concept and gameplay, and has generated a huge community. Now, with the game available on pretty much every platform, from PC, consoles to mobile, just about anyone can access it.

However, when Chinese game studio Tencent Games released the mobile version of PUBG for Android and iOS in March this year, they probably did not expect that it would go on to dominate the smartphone market. The game immediately raked up a massive number of downloads and over the months it continuously adds new content and features to keep players happy.

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Now, PUBG Mobile’s immense popularity has left many wondering: How did it become so successful? The mobile platform has seen some big hits such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Subway Surfers, but now PUBG Mobile stands to overtake them all. This shooter has a difference compared to the others: It originated from PC, and thus carries several traits of that PC version.

Console and PC quality on smartphones

Tencent Games did an excellent job of getting the concept right from the get-go. Unlike many other mobile ports that try to water down the gameplay to make it suitable for the touchscreen, PUBG Mobile offers the same experience as its PC and console cousins. The concept of 100 players finding resources on a remote island and then employing clever strategies to become the last one standing is still all there.

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The similarity doesn’t stop at gameplay quality, but extends to graphics as well. While not quite as detailed as the PC version, the visuals of PUBG Mobile are still remarkably impressive.

This game is exactly what mobile players have always wanted: An immersive game that can be played anywhere, in which friends can team up with each other to face off against the entire world, and it is free to boot. Nowadays, tablets and smartphones have become powerful enough to run some highly demanding software. Therefore, game makers now have the tools to bring most of what they have in mind to this portable platform. With PUBG MOBILE, the developers have made sure to provide an experience comparable to that of the PC and console versions.

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Before PUBG rose to popularity, EA’s popular racing franchise Need For Speed got several mobile ports, but the experience most of them delivered was lackluster compared to the console or PC versions. Likewise, when Rockstar Games wanted to transfer the Grand Theft Auto series to mobile, they could only do so with the older titles, and even then the graphics were reduced and the gameplay was trimmed down.

There’s no such compromise with PUBG Mobile. The maps, weapons, and vehicles are all the same. The physics are also incredibly realistic. This mobile title even enjoys the same updates as its PC counterpart.

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All in all, PUBG Mobile features the same unique experience as what one would get when playing the PC version. This has been a significant factor contributing to the game’s popularity in countries like India, where pretty much everybody has smartphones, but not all can afford a decent PC or console.

By striving to deliver a mobile game with PC-like quality, PUBG Mobile’s developers have created a true phenomenon. The success of the game will undoubtedly set an example for other developers to follow in the future. Right now, though, this battle royale title will retain its spot as one of the most played mobile games in the world.