The latest patch of PUBG Mobile, patch 0.8.0, has been out for a couple of weeks. The most notable addition on this patch is definitely the Sanhok map. This new map brings a new experience to the game with its fast-paced design, and most players have probably tried it at least a few times. But there is another addition worth mentioning in this patch: The flare gun.

Although completely useless as a damage source, the flare gun adds a lot of utility to your games. The way it functions, however, could be unclear to some. This article tells you everything you need to know about this new “weapon” in PUBG Mobile.

The flare gun: Where to get it, and how does it work?

Like every weapons and items in this game, the flare gun can be found across all 3 maps of the Classic mode (Miramar, Erangel and Sanhok), although it is a bit of a rare drop. Once picked up, it is equipped on your handgun slot, and you can use it anytime you want during that game.

The flare gun, as the name shows, fires a flare. It has only one “bullet”, meaning you can only fire it once. This flare is absolutely incapable of dealing any damage if shot at a player, however. You have to fire it at the sky. Once the flare goes high enough, an airplane will come by and drop a crate directly underneath it. The whole process will take a couple of minutes. The content of the crate varies, depending on whether you are inside or outside the safe zone.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho pubg mobile flare gun

Outside the safe zone

If you fire the flare gun while standing outside of the safe zone (marked as a white circle on the map), the airplane will drop the game’s newest vehicle at the moment: The Armored UAZ. This is the most durable vehicle currently available, capable of withstanding incredible firepower. It has room for maximum 4 players at any one time. While inside, the players cannot lean out to shoot, but can still get shot at through the windows.

The idea behind this drop is that it is a way for players to quickly get back inside the safe zone, while being relatively safe from others’ gunfire. However, in some situations - such as when you are already close to the safe zone - it might be better to just get there on foot, as the drop takes a somewhat long time to arrive.

Inside the safe zone

Calling the airdrop inside the safe zone leads to a different outcome: The crate is no longer the Armored UAZ. Its contents will now be similar to those of random airdrops: rare weapons and equipment such as AWM sniper rifle, Groza assault rifle, level 3 helmet, armor and backpack… The difference is this crate will drop close to your location instead of you having to go after it.

Keep in mind though, the flare lingers on the sky and all players with a sky view can see it. Once landed, the crate will also emits smoke that alerts anyone nearby of its location. By firing the flare you are basically screaming: “Hey, I’m over here with a lot of valuable stuff on the way. Come and get it!” Other players nearby will probably try to contest for the crate. But with strategic use, you can turn this to your advantage. For example, you can use the crate lure others to where you want them to be for an ambush. Or if you successfully loot the crate, you will have significantly more combat power than others in that game.

This is just some basic information about the newest addition to PUBG's arsenal. It has many uses, depending on the situation and your creativity. So get out there on the battlefield and give it a try.