Tencent has always been pretty diligent with their beta updates for PUBG Mobile – they release one almost every month so that beta testers could try out the features before the patch hit the live server.

The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile, Game For Peace, uses the same format. However, with all new PUBG Mobile contents developed by Tencent in China - more often than not, the Chinese Beta are going to include a lot more things that the global version does not have.

Erangel 2.0 has recently been included in Game For Peace’s latest beta update. In this article below, we would fill you in with the latest features.

1 – A Different map selection UI

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Mylta Power is going to be the spotlight of the map now

In the Chinese beta version, Erangel is represented by Mylta Power as the cover image. While this might be just a random change, there is a chance that this is a hint for Mylta to be one of the most changed locations in Erangel 2.0.

2 – Route Markers for Planning

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Landing and route markers so that your team could collaborate easier

This new feature would allow players in the lobby to plan their routes prior to landing by marking locations on the minimap that would automatically connect together. This is more or less a team feature so that everyone would be on the same page with each other – as it is pretty much useless in solo. The exact name of this function is unknown.

3 – Customization for vehicle controls

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The brand new "vehicle control" customization

Vehicles are a big part of PUBG Mobile – it is actually pretty surprising that we are not able to custom their control scheme yet. Chances that this feature would be released before Erangel 2.0, however, as it is not tied into the map, but the game itself.

4 – Secret Basements in Houses

Some of the buildings in Erangel would be redesigned in 2.0, with a basement floor added. There should be a decent amount of loot in the place - you would have to smash through a wooden door with your weapon to access.

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Basement entrances can be smashed open

The broken entrance would be a telltale sign for your enemy to backstab you, however.

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Just be careful of getting backstabbed

5 – Ultra HD graphics settings

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An ultra HD graphic option for high-end devices

Looks like this is another update/optimization to push PUBG Mobile to yet another level of graphics. We only know that it “exists”, however, as the option cannot be selected in the beta version.

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