PUBG Mobile and Among Us are amongst the most popular mobile games of 2020. Overall, they pretty much have no similarities except for the barebones like multiplayer on mobile... however, this might be the reason that we might get a brand new collaboration type mode inspired by Among Us.


This is not something new - PUBG Mobile has done collabs with videogames like Resident Evil 2 before. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new game mode.

1 - About the new mode

This mode was leaked by a YouTuber named LuckyMan, who has the chance to test the Chinese beta version of PUBG Mobile. According to him, the new game mode is named "Who is the ghost" and would be added to the main Chinese server soon.

Voting Time

In this mode, players would be divided into 2 teams, Special Forces and Ghost, with the Ghost tasked similarly to the Impostor in among us. The Ghost has to kill other people before they figure out who he is or finish repairing the underground base.

Map of the Base

2 - When would this mode be released globally?

While the Chinese have no qualms with copying concepts from other games, the company might get into some trouble if this mode was released globally. You can still expect this mode to come out, of course, as they would probably change just enough to not get sued.

Among Us inspired mini games

Based on the usual Chinese -> Global updates, we can probably expect this mode anywhere in the next 6 months, as Global servers are always slower than Chinese Servers. It would be longer for Indian players, of course, as the game is still banned in the country.

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