PUBG has become one of the biggest names in gaming. It is the progenitor of the battle royale genre - the first game to bring such a large number of players together to fight to the death. Its mobile version has become a household name in India... until its ban very recently.

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However, no king rules forever - PUBG's numbers on PC has been dwindling down in the last 2 years, as people moving on and play other games. This is where PUBG 2 comes in - in this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this potential development.

1 - PUBG 2 is currently under development in Krafton?

According to a report published in November 2020 by MTN, a Korean News website. Apparently, a new BR project is currently in full development in Krafton - with the PUBG team moved over to work on it.


Apparently, they have been working on this project for half a year now - it is named 'Project XTRM' and is likely to be the concept of 'PUBG 2'. Similar to Fortnite, this title is going to be fully Cross-platform. Players from PCs, consoles and mobile can play together like normal without having to worry about compatibility problems. This is actually a big deal in Battle Royales like PUBG, as the game needs a huge number of players to fill its 100-people rooms.

2 - PUBG Mobile 2 or PUBG 2?

According to the infamous PUBG Dataminer PlayerIGN, Krafton is currently working on both PUBG 2.0 and PUBG mobile 2.0. Project XTRM is spearheaded by Park Min-Gyu, the one who was in charge of PUBG Lite, the low-end PC version of PUBG.

This could also mean that the mobile port of PUBG and PUBG Mobile 2.0 might be developed separately - this segregation would not be good for current PUBG Mobile players.

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