At long last, the much-hyped Zombie mode – the result of a collaboration with Resident Evil 2 remake – is finally here on PUBG Mobile.

Renamed “Survive Till Dawn” from “Sunset”, this new mode officially hit the live server on Tuesday. True to its name, it puts 60 players together and challenges them to survive for three days and 2 nights of in-game time. Each round lasts 30 minutes, during which players will encounter several types of monsters including the signature ones from the Resident Evil franchise such as the Licker or G1. On top of that, the PUBG team has also added a few more zombies of their own creation. Players will have to scour around for weapons and resources in order to stay alive for as long as possible.

PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil Crossover Trailer

As the match progresses and dusk arrives, the zombies will get more aggressive and as a result, more dangerous to players. The gameplay experience will thus be drastically different. While players can defeat zombies at long range during the day to farm for resources, that is no longer a viable strategy at night due to limited vision and enemies getting enraged. Several Resident Evil 2 bosses like G (Stage 1) or the Tyrant will also randomly during the night.

Tencent’s General Manager of Global Publishing Center Vincent Wang says that this new mode provides “the very best” experience. He is “thrilled” with this launch and expects “incredible support” from players.

Pubg Mobile Tyrant
You might encounter the Tyrant as night falls

With this event, players will also have the chance to win skins and costumes of many RE2’s characters, from the protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield to other notable figures like Ada Wong and Marvin Branaugh. The appearances of these characters in PUBG Mobile is based on how they look in the remake version of Resident Evil 2.

One thing to note is that players must reach level 10 in PUBG Mobile before they get to face the hordes of walking dead in Survive Till Dawn, and that this mode is only available for a limited time.