PUBG Mobile is such a complicated and dynamic game that there are a lot of things in the game that even the most experienced players don't know. One of those mysteries is how many times you can get knocked out and saved in a game.

A few Chinese players test to see how many times a player can be knocked in a game

As you might already know, the more you get knocked out the faster your HP will be drained while being knocked out. To find out the answer to this question, a few Chinese PUBG Mobile players have tried out themselves to see the result.

At first, they test to check the number of knocks out that can kill a player in one second. They ended up with the result of 23 knocks out. Players who get knocked out 24 times will die after just 1 second.

Players who get knocked 23 times will only have 1 second before they die

In the second case, they try to save the knocked player immediately to check maximum the number of knocks out. Whenever the Revive button shows up, they will press it right away. The final result of this experiment is 30. A player will die right away after being knocked 31 times. They will die instantly even before the Revive button can show up.

After getting knocked 31 times, the player dies instantly without the revive button

That being said, it is not likely that you will ever get knocked more than 10 times a game, which is far from the final number of 30 times. However, do keep in mind to not get knocked too many times or your teammate won't have enough time to save you, especially in the late game, where everything becomes more intensive.

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