The season 4 of PUBG Mobile is ending tomorrow, which means the Season 5 update is just around the corner. This upcoming update is set to introduce a wave of new content, including new weapons, skins, outfits, theme, and more.

As we speculated earlier, this new update could bring a brand new Zombie mode to PUBG Mobile, since just a month ago the game announced its collaboration with Resident Evil 2 remake. Now, with the 0.10.5 beta update available, that is almost certainly going to be the case. Zombies have been spotted in the waiting area and in the maps, although it seems there is currently no way of killing them yet. RE2 will be released on January 25, and this much-anticipated Zombie Mode will probably go live before that. Mr. Ghost Gaming, a popular PUBG Mobile YouTuber, have shown some zombie-related footages in one of his new videos. Check it out below:

Besides this exciting new mode, other additions are also coming. As with every season, we can expect Season 5 to bring several new outfits. They range from cool to impractical and straight up ridiculous. Some seem to have been inspired by Assassin’s Creed, while others resemble traditional Japanese and Korean clothing, and there is even a birthday cake outfit.

Pubg Season 5 Costume
The outfits that are expected to be coming

Additionally, since Season 4 featured a winter theme to accompany the Vikendi map, we can expect that Season 5 will also have a new theme to compliment the Zombie mode. Several leaked images suggest that it could be fire this time, maybe something similar to what we would see in a post-apocalyptic movie.

Mr. Ghost Gaming’s video above also practically confirms that the upcoming update will see the assault rifle MK47 coming to PUBG Mobile, alongside a Laser Sight attachment. More weapon skins are coming as well.

Pubg Mobile Season5

Season 5 update is expected to go live sometime between January 18 and January 20.