Daljit 'Daljitsk' Singh finally moved to Orange Rock in early 2020 to look for more ambitious plans after his prime time in Team IND. Daljitsk is well-known for his excellent sniper abilities, but this guy is also good at game sense and other skills – that’s how he continues rising to fame even though there’s a slew of outstanding players in the Indian PUBG Mobile community.

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Daljitsk is well-known for his excellent sniper abilities.

1. When did Daljitsk start engaging in PUBG Mobile?

Daljitsk started playing PUBG Mobile even before the game officially made its way into India. He used to play the original version, which is released for Chinese market.

2. Why did Daljitsk choose to be a sniper?

The feeling of “one shot, one kill” brings him a lot of excitement when he can pop off someone’s head with only one single bullet.

3. How did Daljitsk come to competitive gaming?

The professional landscape of PUBG Mobile barely saw any esports activities when Daljitsk started. In fact, he already sent some videos to Sc0ut at that time and then they partook in GodLike together to compete in PMIS 2019.

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He and Sc0ut partook in GodLike together to compete in PMIS 2019. 

4. How did Daljitsk balance his gaming career and studies?

Honestly speaking, Daljitsk did plan to pursue science after his 10th but he decided to quit studying and focus on PUBG Mobile as his professional path. His parents actually gave him a chance to show his determination, and to your surprise, Daljitsk made around Rs. 25,000 per month during the time he played on a platform named Gaming Monk.

5. What did Daljitsk’s parents think about his decision?

They frequently had arguments and his father set a so-called deadline for him. Thankfully, Daljitsk was hardworking and lucky enough to prove himself.

6. How supportive are Daljitsk’s parents now?

“Super supportive”, Daljitsk was quoted as saying.

7. Why did Daljitsk join Orange Rock?

He likes almost all aspects of the team, from management, his teammates, and their aggressive playstyle.

8. What is Daljitsk’s daily routine like?

Daljitsk often starts off everything at 10:30 and has a break at noon. Soon after, he dives into PUBG Mobile tournaments and scrims from 2 to 8pm in evening, and his stream often goes live around 10pm.

9. Which is Daljitsk’s most memorable moments in PUBG Mobile?

His triple knock in PMPL’s Miramar, a solo "chicken dinner" in Sanhok for Orange Rock, and needless to say, the chicken dinner in PMCO Spring with Team IND.

10. What are in Daljitsk’s future plans?

Not only PUBG Mobile, but he’ll also go for other popular game titles like Valorant to keep up with his professional career in the gaming industry.