PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular mobile games in the world right now. Thanks to its highly competitive gameplay, the game has attracted millions of players across the globe and has witnessed several major tournaments with massive prize pools.

To keep the game fresh, the developers constantly push out updates and new content, including a recent subscription service that earns players UC daily as well as allowing them to purchase items using Battle Points. Unfortunately, sometimes these updates seem to do more harm than good.

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PUBG Mobile receives regular updates, but sometimes they do more harm than good

According to a major PUBG Mobile streamer, the game is reportedly experiencing a terrible bug, rendering it unplayable for a large number of players. In a recent video uoloaded to his YouTube channel, Powerbang Gaming called for PUBG Mobile developers to address an audio issue.

“Something changed with the sound, boys. I can’t hear anything anymore. There is no directional sound anymore, it’s just noise,” Powerbang said. “They broke the sound in PUBG Mobile in one of these recent updates.”

“It sounds like I’m playing underwater,” he added, recalling that just a couple of days ago he could pinpoint enemy directions based on audio clues.

The video from Powerbang in which he points out the sound issues

He then tried to find a solution in the sound settings but soon discovered that there wasn’t anything to change. He also criticized the developers for being too focused on providing new content and features while forgetting to polish the gameplay, demanding that they reverse the new updates to fix the problem – which, according to him, was “game breaking.”

This is not the first time Powerbang has released a video to talk about the problems he’s encountered in PUBG Mobile. In another video, he commented on several issues including desynchronization, headshot registry, hill glitching, M16 burst-fire mode, and other things.

Pubg Mobile Powerbang
Powerbang is a very popular PUBG Mobile streamer

Powerbang is among the most popular PUBG Mobile streamers. His YouTube channel currently has more than a million subscribers, and he has appeared in several of the game’s special events.

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