As usual, at the end of every year, Google will release a report about popular trends in 2018, and there is no surprised that PUBG is at the top of the list.

Since PUBG released in 2017, it has become a smash hit with millions of download in a few months. PUBG truly is a pioneer of the battle royal game phenomenon. As estimated, India is one of the countries who have most PUBG players, only after the USA. Now, the number of players in India keep raising. The hungry for a chicken dinner is never stop.

Pubg Mobile 1544602994
A screenshot in PUBG

The second place is  Subway Surfer, an endless runner game. Not only in India, people all over the world like Subway Surfer. Although it is a six-year-old game, the updates from developer keep it on the top of free games on Google Play. Besides, Subway Surfer is the first mobile game reached 1 billion of download on 1st April 2018.


The next game is Ludo King. It is a game based on a viral board game which has many different names in other countries. Besides, Ludo King is developed by Vikash Jaiswal from Patna, and his Gametion studio is at Mumbai. With the familiar and simple gameplay, Ludo King is very popular in India, and it has never been out of the free game top download since its release in December 20116.

Ludo King
Ludo King

Asphalt 9 stands at the 4th place. Although its gameplay does not change, its excellent graphics and controls still make it become top sports games in Google Play.

Tai Asphalt 9 Legends 1

If you are searching for a play-to-learn game, you shouldn’t miss Word Link. Word Link is a word puzzle game which helps people learn new word through playing simple games like hangman, quiz solving,… and other games to play with friends like scrabbles,…

Word Link Game
Puzzle game Word Link

Hitman Sniper is always on top of popular games whether it is played on consoles, PC or smartphone. Everyone like Agent 47. Hitman Sniper is a game focus on assassinate missions, especially from the far distant. Hitman Sniper is the sixth game on this list.


Lastly, the next threes game is Luci, Knife Hit, and Just a Line and the last one is Dream11 Fantasy Sports which is supported by cricket fans in India.