Thug Invitational Tournament is the tournament held by 8Bit_Thug, the leader of one of the oldest Indian PUBG Mobile teams, and is sponsored by Nimo TV. The tournament lasts 3 days for 20 PUBG Mobile squads of India to compete for a prize pool of Rs 100,000. Team MegaStars led the day with 56 points even though they didn't have any Chicken Dinner. Team Fnatic followed right behind with 52 and without any Chicken Dinner as well. Entity Gaming placed 6th and Team SouL placed 17th.

Although it might seem that Team SouL was doing really bad recently, I think that fans shouldn't really worry too much. They were just practicing for big fish PMCO and haven't gone all out yet.

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The overall results of the first day of the Thug Invitational Tournament

The top fraggers of the day were Goldblade from team Rxn (10 kills), Gabbaer from ETG.Brawlers (9 kills), Vexe from MegaStars (8kills), paritosh from Fnatic (8 kills) and LEGEND from iNSANE (8kills).

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All the top fraggers of Day 1 of the Thug Invitational Tournament

A total of 4 matches was played on the first day of the tournament, 2 matches on Erangel and one match on Miramar and Sanhok each. The first 2 matches on Miramar and Erangel were played on TPP and the last 2 matches were played on FPP.

You can check out the full replay of Day 1 of the Thug Invitational Tournament in the link below.

The Thug Invitational Tournament will be going on for 2 more days. There are still a lot of chances for all teams to claim the top prize. Stay tuned to catch the tournament at 4 PM today and tomorrow on the stream channel of 8Bit_Thug on Nimo TV.

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The full schedule of the Thug Invitational Tournament

On Day 2 and Day 3 of the Thug Invitational Tournament, the format will be pretty much the same with 2 matches on Erangel and one match in Miramar and Sanhok each.