PUBG Mobile has just revealed the complete schedule for the biggest tournament this year, PMCO Spring Split 2020. The registration phase is Jan 3 to Jan 21 – players who meet the requirements would be able to register for the tournament.

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This is a five-month tournament

The season would be divided into 6 stages, which would be held over five months.

1 – Registration (Jan 3 to Jan 21)

Registration and various requirements

The competition is for squad only – if you want to play in PMCO, you have to get a full team. To register for the tournament, you would need to get to PUBG Mobile Club Open’s home page and follow the listed steps.

2 – Qualifiers (Jan 23 to Jan 26, Jan 30 to Feb 2)

There would be 2 rounds of qualifiers. After registering successfully, the teams would need to play a number of matches and the 8 squads with the highest score would get into the next stage.

Over the 8 days of the qualifier, there would be 4 games each day, on 4 different maps. All the games are TPP. The matches would use GMT, so most of them would happen at night.

3 – Regional Group Stage (Feb 2020)

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The system would be pretty similar to last year

The top teams from the PMCO 2020 Regional Finals and in-game qualifiers would battle against each other for the ticket to the next stage. 24 out of 32 teams would progress to the Regional Semi-finals.

4 – Regional Semi-Finals (Feb 2020)

The previously mentioned 24 teams would battle against to eliminate the bottom 8 – the top 16 teams would continue to progress to the PMCO Regional Finals 2020.

5 – Regional Finals (Mar 2020)

Pmco Live Points Table
Team Souls on the big stage of PMCO

The top 16 teams of the region would fight against each other to pick out the champion of the region, who would be the one to represent everyone in the next PUBG Mobile World League 2020.

6 – World League (May to Jun 2020)

The World League would be a global event in which top teams from all regions would fight for the title of the best PUBG Mobile team in the world. This would be the biggest ever PUBG Mobile tournament, with a massive prize pool.

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