Day 1 Final of the Villager Esports - Pro Invitation has ended yesterday. 18 PUBG Mobile teams have fought a total of 4 games against each other on 3 maps Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi. Let's check out the over results and standings after day 1 and highlights in each match.

Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati

Match 1: Miramar TPP

In the first match, all the top teams were eliminated pretty early due to unsuccessful push attempts. MG.Zed won the Chicken Dinner with 7 kills.

The first circle covered the Southside of the map. Team SouL landed around Monte Nuevo at the edge of the circle. MortaL got an early supplies crate that gave him high tier gears. AmAn found team CELTZ at a church to the south so the team decided to push in. However, MortaL and ReGaLTos were quickly taken down by Illusi0n, leading to the death of the whole team. After the gunfight, team Fnatic also quickly run to that spot. They had an intensive fight and cleared team CELTZ, but they also lost 3 players. ScoutOP was the only survivor, but he can't do much by himself.

Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati
Team SouL unsuccessful push attempt

The Final circle ended up in a weird place right under a bridge, causing most players to have no choice but to swim in the water... next to each other and wait for the circle to come. MG.Zed got 2 players on the bridge so they could use healing items, thus easily win the match.

Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati
Most players ended up in the water

Match 2: Erangel TPP

Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati
MG.Zed got the high ground

SouL and Fnatic once again left the game early and MG.Zed once again got the Chicken Dinner.

Team SouL tried to fight for the first supply crate. This time, they encountered vsgCRAWLER. The team got wiped out once again in close combat. Fnatic was the one to get eliminated next when they were trying to push team Entity Gaming.

In the last few circles, Entity Gaming was forced to get out of their building, thus finished 5th. mYm and iNSANE both stayed inside a building. mYm held their position on the 2nd and 3rd floor while iNSANE stayed on the 1st floor. They were all forced out by the zone eventually and get wiped by MG.Zed with their high ground advantage on the hill.

Match 3: Vikendi TPP

Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati
Zigsaw took down MARLO from a smart angle

Fnatic managed to get 2nd place while SouL stayed at the bottom. Team 7s won the Chicken Dinner with 12 kills.

The circle went south, forcing lots of teams to make long rotations. Team SouL tried to play on the edge of the zone, but they chose a bad position and ended up getting sniped by God and Entity Gaming. There were up to 12 teams in the fifth circle, causing a huge brawl. Only 4 teams made into the final circle. As Fnatic and 7s secured their position in buildings, they can easily wipe out the other 2 teams.

In the last fight, 7SxZigsaw killed MARLO from a blind spot, giving the team a great advantage and won the match.

Match 4: Erangel TPP

Restream Villager Esports Pubg Mobile Pro Invitati
Fnatic third party the other two teams

Fnatic finally won a Chicken Dinner with 13 kills.

The circle landed on the north side of the map, causing teams who dropped in the Military Base a hard time. All teams were trying to play safe again so all the actions happened in the later circles. In the final circle, there were 3 teams left. Fnatic took advantage of the fight between God and TeamIND by third partying them and won the game.

Day 1 overall standings

7 Seas took the top spot with 29 kills and 68 points, closely followed by MG.Zed with 67 points. Fnatic started out poorly but managed to get 3rd place thanks to the last 2 games with 57 points.

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